PC Remote

PC Remote

A software that enables its user to access a computer from a remote location

PC Remote is a program that enables its user to access his computer from a remote location. Accessing data can be done across a network, on the Internet, through serial ports, or via a modem connection. It is totally safe because it can be set to limited access. You can assign others a user name, a password, and determine whether or not they can transfer files; this way you keep things under control.

Pc Remote will let the user see everything on another PC and have full control of the keyboard and mouse. Access files on the work computer from home and quickly download them. Copy data to clipboard on a remote computer, and the same data will automatically appear in the clipboard of your computer.

PC Remote also lets the user create macroses that you can be executed across the connection to get results on the other side. if more resources are needed to do another task, you can pause the flow of data between computers and resume it when ready.

In case of a modem connection, it automatically detects the modem and what COM port it's using. You can also link two computers via serial ports and use PC Remote to transfer files back and forth.

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  • Access any computer from any location
  • Run macros from distance
  • Copy data without limitations


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